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Thermal Management Components

With our expertise rooted in Thermal Management Solutions, Pacific Design Technologies has developed an extensive suite of products over the 30+ years we have been in business. While greater weight and space saving benefits can typically be realized with a complete PDT Thermal Management System, we also offer similar benefits on individual Thermal Management Components. Our Components can be easily integrated as part of a customer-engineered Thermal Management System. Our Thermal Management Components include Pumps, Accumulators & Reservoirs, Thermal Control Valves, Bypass Valves, Heat Exchangers, Filters and Motor Controllers. Our Thermal Management Components are currently in service on commercial airliners, fighter jets, orbiting satellites, as well as on the NASA International Space Station and the Mars Rover.

  • Pumps

    Fluid pumps are at the core of PDT’s business; our design and manufacturing expertise has been developed during decades of support to the airborne cooling system market and has evolved to encompass pumping solutions for a wide range of fluids and power sources. PDT pumps are running around the clock in a variety of applications, from airborne cooling systems in demanding military applications to scientific spacecraft in use on Mars.

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  • Accumulators & Reservoirs

    PDT provides accumulators in a wide variety of configurations for use in fluid cooling systems and hydraulic power systems. Our accumulators provide maintenance free operation in harsh environments ranging from high performance military fighter aircraft to high-altitude, long duration unmanned surveillance aircraft to robotic vehicles operating on Mars. PDT designs and manufactures accumulators suitable for use with a wide variety of fluids including water/glycol, hydraulic oil, refrigerants and dielectric coolants.

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  • Thermal Control Valves

    Thermal control valves provide a means to control the temperature of coolant at a particular point in a system to a defined value. The valves produced by PDT are passive, thermostatic-type valves which do not require electrical power or a control circuit to operate. The valves use a high-output linear actuator to move a sliding spool or poppet element. Movement of the valve element serves to selectively open or close fluid passages in the valve to achieve the desired temperature control.

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  • Purge / Fill Systems

    PDT designs purge/fill systems for use in fluid circulation in liquid cooling system and lubrication systems. These purge/fill systems can be used in ground vehicle and military aircraft applications. PDT offers non-powered and powered systems depending on the application. The powered systems can be designed to operate on various power supplies.

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