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With over 35 years of aerospace experience, Pacific Design Technologies has become experts in the art of designing and building highly reliable, lightweight and space constrained Aerospace Thermal Management Solutions. Our Thermal Management Products serve the Space, Defense and Commercial Aerospace markets. Our Space products are part of the International Space Station and Mars Rover. Our Defense products are being used daily on fighter jets and land based military vehicles. In the Commercial market, our products are logging tireless hours on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner as it crisscrosses the globe. Find out why our products continue to excel in these demanding markets and see how we can help engineer a winning solution for you!
  • Space

    Pacific Design Technologies has a long history of participation on space programs, having provided Mechanically Pumped Fluid Loop (MPFL) systems and components for four robotic missions to Mars and two experimental platforms on the International Space Station. In addition, PDT has been selected to supply MPFL hardware for the mission by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. PDT has also designed and produced unique circulation pumps for use with ultra-pure water for future space-based fuel cell power systems. The critical material, cleanliness, reliability, and quality challenges associated with long duration space missions are familiar territory for the Pacific Design Technologies team. The following are a sample of PDT’s active and past programs in the space market.

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  • Defense

    PDT’s heritage for many of our key technologies are high performance liquid cooling systems for a variety of defense platforms. PDT designs, manufactures and supplies compact, lightweight cooling units to control the operating temperature of mission-critical equipment used by surveillance, targeting and command and control aircraft. PDT’s equipment is also used in a variety of land-based platforms to control engine and system equipment for long life and superior performance. Qualified to the highest military standards for environmental tolerance and electromagnetic compatibility, PDT’s products comprise a full range of liquid cooling equipment including pumps, accumulators, thermal control valves, heat exchangers and integrated systems. As required by the particular application, these systems can include any combination of feedback sensors and controls to measure key temperature, pressure and flow rate parameters.

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  • Commercial

    Since 2009, PDT has grown its share of business in the commercial space market to be roughly equal to the Defense sector segment. PDT continues to develop new commercial products to ensure long term stability through an appropriate balance between the Space, Defense and Commercial market segments. Active production and development programs in the commercial space sector include the following products:

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