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PDT’s heritage for many of our key technologies are high performance liquid cooling systems for a variety of defense platforms. PDT designs, manufactures and supplies compact, lightweight cooling units to control the operating temperature of mission-critical equipment used by surveillance, targeting and command and control aircraft. PDT’s equipment is also used in a variety of land-based platforms to control engine and system equipment for long life and superior performance. Qualified to the highest military standards for environmental tolerance and electromagnetic compatibility, PDT’s products comprise a full range of liquid cooling equipment including pumps, accumulators, thermal control valves, heat exchangers and integrated systems. As required by the particular application, these systems can include any combination of feedback sensors and controls to measure key temperature, pressure and flow rate parameters.
Integrated Pumping Units

The Model 5001-1 pumping unit provides a continuous supply of polyalphaolefin coolant to maintain the operating temperature of a pod-mounted electronic warfare package. The Model 5478 pumping unit performs a similar function using Coolanol fluid. Each pumping unit contains a motor-driven, positive displacement pump, spring-loaded piston accumulator and a variety of sensors and control relays. PDT has delivered more than five hundred units between these two models and continues to fill orders from the US armed forces and major defense integrators.

Liquid Cooling Systems

PDT Model 5372 is an example of a large, distributed liquid cooling system for use on a military surveillance aircraft. A separately supplied pump, accumulator, filter and thermal control valve are integrated into a thermal management pallet by PDT’s customer. The Model 5530 liquid cooling system is an integrated pallet which combines the pump, accumulator, heat exchanger, filter and sensors together in a single line-replaceable unit. Both units function to control the operating temperature of sensitive mission-critical equipment. PDT can supply liquid cooling equipment to fulfill cooling requirements ranging from 100 watts to over 60 Kilowatts using a variety of oil or water-based coolants.

Thermal Control Equipment

PDT provides liquid cooling systems in a variety of configurations to suit the needs of any potential military platform. In addition to long-life, sealed pumps, PDT’s Accumulators, Flow Control Valves, Thermal Control Valves, Supply and Return Manifolds, Heat Exchangers, Fans and Filters provide a complete thermal management solution. Let our experienced application engineers review your thermal control requirements; you may be pleasantly surprised with the light-weight, high performance solutions we can design for your project.