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Since 2009, PDT has grown its share of business in the commercial space market to be roughly equal to the Defense sector segment. PDT continues to develop new commercial products to ensure long term stability through an appropriate balance between the Space, Defense and Commercial market segments. Active production and development programs in the commercial space sector include the following products:
Boeing 787 Liquid Cooling System Reservoirs

PDT designed, developed and qualified three unique fluid reservoirs for use in the liquid cooling system of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The reservoirs form a part of three different cooling loops: Power Electronics Cooling, Integrated Cooling and Forward Cargo Air Conditioning. Each reservoir is a ‘bootstrap’ or pressure multiplying type, wherein high pressure fluid supplied from the cooling system circulation pump is used to provide static inlet pressure to that same pump. The reservoirs create this pressure multiplying effect based on the difference in area between the high pressure and low pressure chambers; a single piston connects the two cylinders together and transfers pressure from the high to the low pressure sides of the fluid circuit.

When the pump is off, system pressure falls to zero, unlike a traditional cooling system accumulator which maintains a minimum fluid pressure regardless of the status of the pump.
PDT designed the reservoirs to be compliant with the highest standards of engineering, manufacturing and quality to ensure a highly reliable and consistent product for this important new aircraft. An extensive Production Part Approval Process for the reservoirs was completed, which included completion of Design and Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (D/PFMEA), Process Flow, Process Control, Process Readiness, Key Characteristics, Measurement Systems Analysis, Materials, Marking and Packaging. All aspects of design and manufacturing for the reservoirs is under strict configuration management to ensure a consistent product with the highest quality.

To support Just-In-Time production and minimize inventory levels for our customer, PDT maintains a stock of finished goods and detail parts inventory for the reservoirs. Customer demand is filled weekly and a Kanban system is used to create internal demand to replenish the finished goods stock and pull necessary detail parts from PDT’s supply chain. Lean Manufacturing principles are employed to eliminate waste in the production system and all team members are part of ongoing continuous improvement projects for this and other production programs.

Boeing 777 Hydraulic System Lubrication Pump

Used to supply lubrication oil to an auxiliary hydraulic component on the Boeing 777, the Model 5738 pump is a cartridge style gerotor pump. This unit is directly driven by the motor shaft and is designed to supply a continuous source of oil for cooling and lubrication.

APS2[800] Auxiliary Power Unit Start Pump

The PDT Model 6001 pump is used to supply fuel for starting of the APS2[800] Auxiliary Power Unit, which has been selected for the Bombardier Global 7000 and 8000 aircraft. The pump is designed to provide fuel for engine starting until the main fuel pump comes on line. PDT has selected a positive displacement gear pump, driven by a brushless D.C. motor for high performance and long life.