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Lean Manufacturing Blog: Visual Engineering Boards

Development & Engineering Teams are getting involved with PDT’s lean movement! Visual Management Boards have been implemented, each serving a different, but key, purpose in PDT’s development process.  The one shown below is to help maintain focus and track status...

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Lean Manufacturing Blog: Thermal Chamber Schedule

PDT has improved upon the current way of communicating when Thermal Chambers will need to be used. Previously, the schedule wasn’t visible, creating potential delays in jobs and inadequate resource planning.  Now, the schedule is visible and posted on the Thermal...

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Lean Manufacturing Blog: Shadow Box Kits

Below are before and after pictures of an improvement in our kitting process.  We now have a kit that is less likely to produce Foreign Object Debris (FOD), provides visuals for each kitted part and allows the person kitting to immediately know when a part is missing...

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Lean Manufacturing Blog: Saving Time & Money

As part of its ongoing efforts to become an industry leading example of lean manufacturing, PDT is always looking for new ways to save time and eliminate waste. For suppliers that meet specific criteria, including a history of compliant parts and a supplier rating of...

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Lean Manufacturing Blog: Quick Change Over

Recently, PDT evaluated how to save time when changing base plates on a multi-use test stand. Changing between base plates for testing of the three different units use to take 15 minutes and 32 seconds. By implementing quick disconnects, the changeover now takes 1...

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PDT Open House

PDT will host an open house for attendees of the 2018 Directed Energy Symposium on March 1st, 2018 at PDT's headquarters in Goleta, California. Please join us for a tour of our new manufacturing facility, or just to learn more about our liquid cooling capabilities in...

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