Fluid Engineering

Pacific Design Technologies is a specialist in the discipline of ‘Thermal and Fluid Engineering’ including heat transfer, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and mechanical engineering.

The systems and products designed by PDT involve all the above disciplines and also electronic and control mechanisms to engineer ultra reliable products necessary for Aerospace, Military and Aircraft and Space.

PDT has specific experience developing light-weight fluid engineered products that adhere to the difficult space constraints typical of aircraft and outer space vehicles.


Products developed include positive displacement
and centrifugal pumps for use with:

  • PAO (Polyalphaolefin)
  • EGW (Ethylene Glycol and Water)
  • PGW (Propylene Glycol and Water)
  • Freon
  • Jet Fuels
  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Liquid CO2
  • Ammonia
  • Refrigerants
  • Deionized Water
  • Coolanol 25R
Fluid Engineering
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