On April 22nd, seven members from the local Santa Barbara/Goleta team, FLL and Beyond, 2 Squared + 3, traveled to St. Louis, MO to compete for the Global Innovation Award as part of the 2015 FIRST World Championships. While the team was not successful in gathering the top prize, they did receive lots of positive reinforcement for their submitted solution: a pair of new games to help kids learn chemistry. 

In addition to the Global Innovation presentation, the team was able to meet with corporate representatives from major engineering companies as well as top technical universities. The Championship venue provided an ideal forum for the team to learn about educational and technical career opportunities as well as to share experiences with their peers. 

For two years, PDT has sponsored the team, which consists of seven students from Foothill Elementary, La Colina Junior High and Dos Pueblos High School. FIRST is an internationally recognized organization dedicated to promoting the recognition of science, technology and math for young people. FIRST conducts a variety of robotics competitions in an exciting, sports tournament-like setting. PDT has contributed to this and other local teams each of the past four years.

FIRST Lego League team participates in FIRST World Championship, competes for Global Innovation Award
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