The PDT team uses 14 management principles and basic tools, described in The Toyota Way book, to guide us in our journey towards a lean culture. A lean culture is the combination of a companywide efforts towards continuous improvement and elimination of waste, with the overall goal of improving product quality and shortening lead times. Below are examples of the implement process modifications that have taken place at PDT.

Removed unnecessary assembly steps
30 seconds per unit, equivalent to 72 hours per year, is saved by eliminating the process step of removing and disposing excess o-rings. In addition, approximately $772, per ship lot, is saved in over-processing time by eliminating the need to generate unnecessary purchase orders.

Visual management system for production cell tools
Tools and calibrated equipment are marked with a specific color to indicate what production cell they belong to. For example, tools marked with red are dedicated to one cell and tools marked with white are dedicated to a different cell.

toyota way color guide